It is in 1975, in Port des barques, on the basin of Marenne Oléron, that begins this family adventure. Then 16-year-old, Claudie Seguin, armed with his knife in pocket and full of courage, decides to start the breeding and the refining of oysters.

Quickly joined by his wife Caroline, they improve ceaselessly their techniques, aiming to produce high-quality oysters, meeting the expectations of an always more demanding clientele.

In constant quest of innovation, they do not deny the ancestral techniques, but adapt them to optimize the quality of their production.

During almost 40 years, they will make every effort to pass on their commitment and their passion for their job as well as their respect for this exceptional product.

So, naturally, from 2012, their son Jérémy, aged 20 years and literally bathed in this environment since his youngest age, decides to join the family company.

Rich from this heritage and led by the same passion, he perpetuates the work committed by his parents. Allying "Innovation" and "Tradition", he perseveres ceaselessly in search of the best techniques of collectinging, breeding and refining.

Surrounded with a faithful and welded team, living with the rythm of the tides, they are proud to propose quality oysters you can find on slack of the best fishmongers and in the plates of recognized restaurants!

It is at the entrance of the estuary of the Charente river, facing Aix Island and « Fort Boyar » that the company is established. Besides the exceptional panorama, off the peninsula of Fouras, this location is reknown as the best collecting site of oysters in France. This naturally protected environment, rocked by the the estuary currents, its moderate salinity, allied with the nutritional contribution of the river Charente and the natural protection of Islands, Oléron, Madam and Aix allow optimal conditions for the development of the rising larvas.

Then, the oysters naturally grow, at the heart of the basin of Marenne Oléron in our sea parks. Raised in pocket, on the foreshore, they are stired by the currents and the wind, as well as by our care. During three years they keep growing in a most natural way. The unique soil of Marenne Oléron will contribute to their growth (thickness and flesh) as well as their exclusive iodized flavor.

Finally comes the time of the ultimate stage, the refining. Realized in our shallow clay ponds, this last phase of development gives the oyster its maturity. During several months, widely spread in our oyster beds, in a lightly salted water, they acquire their unique taste. The salt give way to the inimitable delicacy of the Oyster of Marenne Oléron. The flesh densifies and textures refined at the contact of the naturally filterd water, rich in plankton.

If mother nature is willing it, it is during this last phase of growth that the oyster will have a chance to meet the microscopic and exclusive algae of the region, the naviculus micro algae, which gives the oyster its green color and its unique hazelnut taste.

La Fine de Claire
Rocked by the Atlantic Ocean spray, during nearly 4 years. Oysters are refined from 1 to 2 months in our shallow clay pounds to give it an incomparable taste.
With constant quality and regularity, this famous Fine de claire is now an essential product of oyster gourmet. Soft and balanced, it will make you embrace the sea...
La Fine de Claire Verte
With the same quality as the Fine de Claire. However when refining in our oyster beds, Mother Nature sometimes allow an ephemeral and uncontrollably process wich confere a light green color to this oyster. This phenomenon is 100% natural and results of its contact with « the marennine », a pigment present in a micro algae called « naviculus ».
This algae gives a totally different taste. The taste of the terroir Marennes Oléron is much more developed. Its thin and crisp flesh will offer you the authentic taste of our « Terroir ».
L'Inimitable SEGUIN
Much more than oysters , the Inimitable Seguin is the result of more than over 40 years of experience. This Special quality oyster with a flesh rate higher than 14 % is selected from a very young age. Following the natural collection of the larvas, it measures between 2 and 6 mm after 8 months.
Raised over 3 years and a half in our best open sea parks, its growth is soft and quiet to allow a natural development to it shell and a unique taste. After over 4 years of breeding, the Inimitable is refined between 4 and 8 months in clay ponds with a density of one to three oysters per square meter. Like a great millesima, the Inimitable, dedicated to amateurs, will provide you with the unexpected dream of an unforgettable pleasure.
In our constant respect for the product and for its natural cycle, we are selling our production from September to May.
Rich in 40 years of experience in the shipping of our products, we take particular care of the choice of our carrier to guarantee freshness and quality to our professional clients (fishmongers, restaurants). This expertise allows us to sell on a wide part of the national territory and to pursue ceaselessly our development.
Our partners: faithful and loyal, our colleagues fishmongers and restaurant trust us. They are the best ambassadors of our expertise.
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